Hot Tubs are one of the bulkiest items and often one of the most commonly requested items we are asked to move. After all, your hot tub represents a sizable investment and leaving it behind for someone else to enjoy would be a shame. Plus, after a big move, your hot tub is a great place for you to spend some time unwinding. It is important to note that transporting and loading a hot tub onto a moving truck is not without it’s fair share of hassles. Due to the tremendous weight of a hot tub, the technical skill needed to safely drain it and disconnect it from electric sources, plus it’s extreme sensitivity to jostling movements, moving a hot tub requires careful planning. That’s where Hot Tub Movers of MN comes in.

As a specialist in Hot Tub relocation, we will provide the proper planning, preparation, brainpower, and muscle to make sure it is transported safely to your new home. We have relocated hundreds of hot tubs throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. We have devised, developed, and carried out some of the most arduous projects. Let us provide you with a move plan and quote that takes the uncertainty and complication out of your upcoming hot tub relocation.