Enjoying thpost_image8e soothing feeling of a hot tub is an experience that is unlike any other. On the other hand, moving a hot tub from someone else’s house to your own can be very difficult, frustrating and dangerous for anyone without the right tools or experience. Hot tubs and spas are extremely large and heavy, and a false step could ruin the hot tub or throw out your back. That’s why it’s incredibly important to hire an expert for your hot tub moving needs.

Whether you need hot tub moving in Lakeville, hot tub moving in Bloomington, hot tub moving in Edina, hot tub moving in the south metro, hot tub moving in the north metro, or many other locations within the twin cities, the Hot Tub Movers of MN can get the job done properly. We are the premier source of hot tub moving in the twin cities, and are a mover of choice for many of the big name hot tub and spa stores in the Twin Cities.  We have delivered used hot tubs as well from sources like Craigslist and the like, and will work with both you and the seller to ensure a great hot tub moving experience.

Hot Tub Movers of MN have delivered to many different cities, including Prior Lake, Farmington, Elko, New Market, and Jordan on the southern side; and North Branch, Cambridge, and more on the northern side. To get your hot tub moved, we’ll go all over the Twin Cities. We’re fully insured and have all the tools necessary to give you a great hot tub moving experience. Just contact us or give us a call at (952) 440-6333.