On this page we will be showcasing our used Hot Tubs that we have totally re-condition. Before we sell a Hot Tub Movemytub totally goes though it. We inspect All Jets, Jet seals, Pumps, Pump seals, The heating components and the Controls to make sure Spa is running like it should. Our Spa’s are tested and tested before it gets to your backyard. We strive to sell you the finest Spa for your Dollar.  And then we stand behind them. I have been moving Hot Tubs for people buying then off craigslist for 12 years. I’ve moved over 500 Tubs for people trying to get a deal on a used Hot Tub. They usually end up with a nightmear and costing them more in repairs than they ever dreamed. I have seen what people are selling out there because i move it for them every day. So please, before you buy a used spa do your self a favor and do a little research. If you don’t see the tub running,  just figure in another $1000 on top of what your paying because you will need it to get it running. Im not trying to scare you away from the enjoyment of owning your own spa, I’m just trying to save you  from a mistake. AND if you decide not to buy one of our reconditioned Spas. We would love the opportunity to move the Spa you do decide to purchase.